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We are an unofficial Tumblr blog for the band Rammstein and the main blog for the URFS (Ultimate Rammstein Fan Site). We have NO affiliation with Rammstein or their management.

Please if you use any photos or other info from our blog put a link back to our Ultimate Rammstein blog in your source or just reblog the post. We do not mind you taking photos out of the set if you just like one, but please give us a link as the source in your post. If you want any photos removed from our blog then please CONTACT US!

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Ultimate Rammstein Fan Site Tumblr Blog

For all those of you who have faithfully followed this page and our other pages I thank you for your support.

That is why this next task is very difficult for me to do. i simply cannot maintain the web site, Facebook pages, Tumblr blogs and everything that is associated with the URFS and go to school and work so I must step down as the owner/administrator of all the URFS pages. The pages will continue to stay up but some will not be posted on more and likely because there will only be 3 people trying to man them after I step down. I will help the current admins with the transition and hopefully all goes smoothly.

I’m sure that the admins could use help from any volunteers in the future. So if you want to help them out just message them at the URFS Christoph FB, the Paul FB or the Richard FB pages.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for making this a great ride for while it lasted. :)


URFS Wallpaper of the week! Week of May 25-31, 2014!

#Rammstein #wallpaper

Rammstein - 2013-04-28 Belgrade, Serbia

Rammstein - 2013-04-26 Bologna, Italy

URFS Wallpaper of the week! Week of May 18-24, 2014!

#Rammstein #wallpaper

Rammstein - Bizzare Fest 1996

Rammstein - 2013-04-24 Lyon, France

Rammstein - 2013-04-23 Montpellier, France


Here are my 2 Rammstein Figures. I did Richard and Till. Here are also photos of the outfits that I based them on. I’ve not got 6 figures to paint to do the whole band. :)